Access Software Downloads and License Keys via Get MI

Get MI is a site for customers to access the Metric Insights software and their license keys.

NOTE: Only users that have been explicitly granted access will be able to login to Get MI. If you need access, contact [email protected].

1. Log in to Get MI

  1. Log in with your credentials OR
  2. Log in by using any of the available options

2. Access Releases

Under the Releases Tab, select the version of Metric Insights you need and download either the full or lite installer:

  • Full — installer plus all dependencies;
  • Lite — only the install script. All dependencies will be pulled down during the install process.

3. Access License Keys

Under the License Keys Tab, access any of the available License Keys that have been created for your company.

4. Access Additional Resources

From the right-hand side of the navigation panel, you can also access:

  • Our help site;
  • Knowledge base;
  • Inside, the Metric Insights customer portal.