Memory Tables

One of the error boxes you may see on the Status Monitor page of your Metric Insights instance is the Memory Table box. This box appears when there is a problem with the memory cache table populating.

This article is not intended to be a specific step-by-step procedure; however, if the Status Monitor indicates that you have issues with Memory Tables, you can use the information presented herein to guide you in investigating the problem.

IMPORTANT: If you complete the investigative process in this article and you are still not clear as to the nature of the problem or require additional assistance, contact Metric Insights at [email protected]

1. Status Overview Error

Status Overview Error

The Memory Tables error:

  • Can appear when:
    1. Metric Insights has been restarted
    2. The underlying MySQL database has been restarted
  • It should go away after about 5 minutes after either of the above two events occur
  • IF this message persists, it means there is a problem with inserting to the user_dashboard_element_info table. Contact [email protected]