Overdue Trigger

One of the error boxes you may see on the Status Monitor page of your Metric Insights instance is the Overdue Triggers box. This lets you know one or more Data Collection Triggers has not fired when it was expected.

This article is not intended to be a specific step-by-step procedure; however, if the Status Monitor indicates that you have Overdue Trigger(s), you can use the information presented herein to guide you in investigating the problem.

If you complete the investigative process in this article and you are still not clear as to the nature of the problem or require additional assistance, contact Metric Insights at [email protected]

NOTE: The format of the Status Monitor page is slightly different in Version 3.

1. Status Overview Error

Status Overview Error
  1. Click the # data collection trigger(s) link to open the Overdue Triggers pop-up

1.1. Review grid of Overdue Triggers

Review grid of Overdue Triggers

This pop-up box lists the Triggers that have not fired when they were expected to.

  1. Click the Name link to open the selected Data Collection Trigger Editor

1.2. Review settings

Review settings
  1. Check the Collect data every field that determines the schedule for the trigger
  2. Open the Dependencies tab
  3. Make sure that all Trigger Dependencies have been met if there are any
  4. Verify that all Data Dependencies have been satisfied if there are any

1.3. Review Trigger History

Review Trigger History
  1. Open the Recent Trigger Runs tab
  2. Review the Trigger Run History grid to see how long it has been since this trigger ran

2. Determine if this is an External Trigger

Determine if this is an External Trigger

If the above steps have not led to a resolution of the problem, this may be an external trigger:

  1. Open the Trigger Configuration tab
  2. Review the Data collection based on setting: if the 'external Trigger' option is selected, you will have to investigate further to find a reason why the external trigger was not fired