Access, Create, and modify Dataset Views

A User can create a Private View for those Datasets to which they have been granted permission to view. For details on Security see Datasets in Controlling Access within Metric Insights

1. Access Content menu > Views

You will be able to View any Public Views defined for Datasets that you have Permission to Access, plus any Views you have already created. (Only Admin, and Power Users with Edit Access to the Dataset, may create Public Views)

  1. Select [+ New View] to open the pop-up

2. Setup the new View

  1. Select a Dataset
  2. Input a Name for your Dataset View

Selecting [New Dataset View] will transfer you to the Dataset Viewer setup for your new View

The data displayed for the new View will contain "All data" subject to any User Map applied to the Dataset.  For details, see Apply a User Map to a Dataset.

You can now define filters to customize your View of the data. See how in Dataset Viewer (select fields /  define derived fields and filters)

4. Save the View

  1. Save the View to access later or
  2. Delete the View
  3. You will also be allowed to View but not edit any other existing Public Views for this Dataset via the drop-down