Bulk-Add External Content

[Available beginning in 6.3.4] If there are several External Content Elements in the BI tool database, it is possible to select as many of them as required and bulk-add to Metric Insights all at once.

Below are the instructions for bulk-adding Microsoft Power BI External Content, but the steps are essentially the same for other BI tools.


Established Connectivity to Data Source

1. Select the BI Tool

Access + New > Bulk Add Ext. Contents > BI tool

2. Define Details

  1. Select the connection profile
  2. Choose the Objects
    • [Select all] to activate all the checkboxes in the list
    • Optionally, activate the checkboxes near the Objects that are to be imported
  3. Select the Template
  4. Choose Category in which to place the External Content
  5. Define if report images are to be updated automatically
  6. Select where to open External Content
  7. [Import]

3. Verify the Import Results

  • [View On Homepage] to see how the the External Content Objects will be displayed on the Homepage.
  • [Elements List] to be redirected to the External Content Elements list.
  • [Add More External Contents] to stay on this page and continue adding the selected Elements.