Alerting for Admin and Power Users

This article describes Alerting after Version 5.1 

Only Power Users and Administration User see the New menu. 

KPI Alerts Overview

You can create 4 different types of Alert Rules from New Menu > Alert Rule menu

There are 3 main types of alerts
  1. KPI Alerts are created to show changes occurring in Metrics
  2. Report Alerts are created to show changes in Reports
  3. Global Alerts are applied across a broad range of metrics
  4. Alert Workflows are applied to Alerts to create Managed Alerts - for general information, see Managed Alerting
1. New KPI Alert pop-up
New KPI Alert pop-up
  1. New Metric option allows you to create a Metric using the Metric Creation Wizard with the final step being Add alert rules
  2. Existing Metric option will ask you to select a Metric and then will transfer directly to a series of pop-ups to Add alert rules

1.1. Next step: Basics of KPI Alert Rules

Next step: Basics of KPI Alert Rules
  1. Select the type of comparison you wish to create
  2. Determine if you want to 'share' your alert or keep it private
  3. Wizard will guide you through the steps required to complete the Alert
2. New Report Alert pop-up

Note: The Report Alert concept has been improved by building Reports from Datasets and subscribing to Report Notifications.
The Report Alert object will be removed in Metric Insights 6.0

New Report Alert pop-up
  1. Select a report - this must be a SnapShot report: one that keeps History.
  2. Select to receive a Report when any data exists: when data shows a 10% increase based on specific reporting values, such as 'Same Time Last Year'
  3. Select to receive a Report with specific changes from the prior report: this options allows you to format very detailed alerts based on changes between two report instances

Again,  easy-to-understand Wizards will walk you through the steps required, but to see a detailed description link to  Report Alert Rules

3. New Global Alert pop-up - only available to Admin Users
New Global Alert pop-up - only available to Admin Users

Global Alerts can be created with any of the KPI Alert choices plus four special alert rules

  1. The basis for the Stoplight is specific to each Metric based on the settings in Metric Editor / Stoplights tab a
  2. The Unusual value is determined by setting of Statistical View (# of Standard Deviations) in Metric Editor / Charting tab.
  3. Best ever and Worst ever values for this Metric

Both of these values are determined individually for each Metric

4. New Alert Workflow screen - only available to Admin Users
  1. Select [+ New Alert Workflow] from list of existing Workflow
  2. Change the Name to something meaningful
  3. Add any number of New Status for the Workflow
  4. Add New Roles as needed
  5. Save and your Workflow is ready to be used by other Administrators and Power Users: for detail on this, see Apply a Workflow to a KPI Alert Rule

See the Details in Create an Alert Workflow