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[Report Notifications] Subscription Options, Settings available

Two methods are available to subscribe to Report Notifications:

  1. Subscribe to receive notifications: this allows you to receive immediate / daily / weekly / monthly emails with Report updates (new rows).
  2. Add Metric-based Alert Rule: use this method to define the criteria of the anomalous or expected data the same way you do for KPI Alerts. If you go for this option, you will need to either create a new Metric or attach an existing one to this Report, since KPI Alert Rules can be attached to Metric only.

Both procedures and available settings are described below in this article.

1. Subscribe to receive notifications + set up notification volume, email, schedule
  1. Check this box subscribe to receive notifications. System message is going to change.
  2. Choose how often you would like to receive updates:
    • Immediately via email: if this option is selected, a notification is going to be sent only in case there is going to be at least one new row in this Report.
    • Daily Notification Digest
    • Weekly Notification Digest
    • Monthly Notification Digest

Save Changes.

To set up any of these Notification Digests, go to My Preferences > My Notifications

  1. Access My Preferences > My Notifications
  2. Click the Notification name link to manage elements, content volume:
    • Add tiles: Click to open a pop-up and add more elements to this Digest.
    • Include: Define whether you want this digest to include full information per each element added to it (everything all the time) OR only the newest updates per the Digest interval (only what's been updated since last email).
    • Include custom header / footer: You can add some cusome text message to the email header and footer.
    • (Available in Version 5.1.1) Email template: Choose one of the email templates from the drop-down list. New templates can be created only by the Admin users at: Admin > Email Templates.
    • Include PPT document: The generated Notification Digest can be additionally attached to the email. To add a new PPT template that should be used for this Notification Digest, follow the instructions in this article: PowerPoint Presentation (Create / Custom Templates)
  3. Click the GEAR icon to define email address.

NOTE: Distribution Schedules for these Digests are defined globally and cannot be changed according to personal User Preferences. For example, if Daily Notification Digest is set up to be sent "Daily (Every day at 0:00)" by the Admin, every User subscribed to it is going to receive it at the same time. But the content of such Email digest is going to vary depending on User's  subscriptions to Reports and his scope of element access.

2. Add Metric-based Alert Rule

To create a KPI Alert rule with specific criteria, you should attach it to the Metric. This Metric should have the same data as your Report (preferably, the same Data Source and Collection Schedule), so that if new Values meet the criteria predefined in the KPI Alert Rule, the Alert that is going to fire will be applicable both for the Report and a Metric. You can either:

  1. choose one of the Metrics that has been created earlier
  2. define a new Metric from this Report: option selected for this article.

Map Report columns and Metric Values

For detailed process description refer to: Source a Metric from an Single Existing Report

Create a KPI Alert for this Metric

For detailed process description refer to: [KPI Alert Rules] Wizard, types, criteria, user subscriptions