Report Digest Customization

In Metric Insights, Report Digest is a Notification that includes data about Reports chosen by the User. It is distributed over a set period of time, so there are a Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Immediate Report Digests. Distribution Schedules for these Digests are defined globally by an Admin and cannot be changed according to personal User Preferences. Every User subscribed to Report Digest receives it at the same time. This article describes how to customize the data that is received in the Report Digest.

1. Open Report Digest Editor

Access the User menu > My Notifications

Click the Report Digest Active name link or the gear icon in the corresponding row. In this example, let's go through the Daily Report Digest.

2. Customize Content Tab

Here, the User can add Reports to the Digest. Information about all the changes in the chosen Tiles will be included in the message the User receives.

  1. [+Add Tiles]
  2. Select the checkboxes near the Tiles that have to be included to the Digest
  3. [+Add selected]

3. Set Customize Tab

  1. Email Template: Choose one of the Email Templates from the dropdown list
    • NOTE: New templates can be created only by the Admin Users
  2. Email Subject Line: Define what the Email subject line will look like
  3. Custom Header/Footer Text: Add some custom text message to the email header and/or footer
  4. Send only what's been updates since last email: Select this checkbox to include in the Digest only the information about the latest changes
    • If this checkbox is not selected, the User will receive full information about all included Tiles
  5. Do not send Burst to user if an image is missing for any included Tile: Choose either to send the information with missing images or not
  6. Include PPT document: The Report Digest can be additionally attached to the email in the form of a PowerPoint file
    • To add a new PPT template that should be used for this Digest, follow the instructions in this article: PowerPoint Presentation
  7. Append date/time to files: Selecting this checkbox adds the date/time data to the files

[Save & Preview] to save the changes and take a look at what the email looks like.