Setting Personal Bookmarks (External Reports)

Bookmarks are custom Filter combinations that can be saved. Bookmarks are User-specific (i.e., only accessible to those Users who configured them) and can function as the source for Report Notifications (when a Bookmark is selected,  its Filter combinations are delivered via email.)

External Filters must be set up by the element creator in order for them to be available to you, the viewer.

1. Setting Bookmarks for Report Viewer

Personalized Bookmarks can be created from the External Report Viewer. Setup options available in the Bookmark pop-up enable Users to override naming and display priority defaults.

  1. Set the Filters to the viewing options you want as your personal Viewing defaults
  2. Be sure to Apply Filters
  3. Open the Bookmark menu dropdown
  4. If this is your first bookmark, select "Save Bookmark"; otherwise select Save as new
  5. [6.3.0] A popup will appear to allow you to set Custom Name for your Bookmark  

You can continue to save multiple Bookmarks based on changed filter values. The most recently added will become your default bookmark.

[6.1.1 new] Bookmarks can be set even if the Metric Insights have been 'hidden' to prevent duplicate Filter display.

External Report: New External Report with Filters = N - Google Chrome
2. Managing your Bookmarks - the options
  1. Open Bookmark option
  2. Select Manage Bookmarks
  3. Using icons on the right, you can Edit, Duplicate, or Delete the Bookmarks
  4. Use drag-and-drop to reorder and set a default Bookmark—the top Bookmark is always the default.
3. Setting Bookmarks for Report Notifications

Users can subscribe to Report Notifications from the External Report Viewer or Tile Preview.

After the Notification runs on Schedule, Users receive an email containing the External Report with the preselected Bookmark.

3.1. Select Notifications icon

In the Tile Preview (or Report Viewer):

  1. Click the Notification icon
  2. You will be subscribed to the Notification. (Optional) Click the envelope on the popup to reset your Notification options.
  3. Any Bookmarks set on the Viewer previously will display as options
  4. To Create a new Bookmark, select [+ Bookmark]

3.2. Set and Save your new Bookmark

  1. Set your Filter Defaults
  2. (Optional) Name your new Bookmark
  3. Save

Your Notification Bookmark will also be available via the Viewer, but will not replace your default Bookmark if one was set in the Viewer.