My Settings (aka "Preferences")

The Metric Insights system provides a series of parameters that can be set to govern the major Catalog and Notifications functions in a manner that best suits the way you use Metric Insights to do your job.

Access Personal Menu > My Settings

User Profile

  1. Upload profile picture
  2. Update personal information:
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Email address

3. Change user language preferences

NOTE: [6.4.4] If the User is created from LDAP/SAML/SSO, First name, Last name and Email address fields are not editable.

The language functionality is disabled by default. If you do not find this option under My Settings, contact your MI Administrator to enable Language display.

  • [6.3.3] To set system Language Defaults for new Users, access:
    • Admin > Users & Groups > Defaults > User Preference Templates > User Defaults > Info Tab
  • [6.3.4] To set system Language Defaults for new Groups, access:
    • Admin > System > System Variables > SYSTEM_LANGUAGE_DEFAULT

Catalog Display

In Catalog Display, settings allow to:

  1. Set to display or hide listing of Categories
  2. Select tile or list layout
  3. Set default:
    • Folder
    • Filter
    • Tag
    • Group
  4. Select Start Page to be displayed: Drop-down contains the Portal Pages you are authorized to view.
  5. Set automatic refresh frequency (set higher to reduce refresh frequency, if necessary)
  6. Set default display for inaccessible tiles:
    • Locked tiles: Contain locked indicators and/or blurred images
    • Hidden tiles: Can be shown by selecting "Show them" on the banner on Catalog

For External Report set as "internal" but "discoverable to users without access", the system allows to blur their image, set a request to grant access, upload custom review page, and customize access denied message.

For unauthorized users:

  1. Some tiles require granting access (locked, but are discoverable), or
  2. Inaccessible tiles can be hidden or shown

For more information, see Set Custom Access Requests.

Catalog Tile Display

Catalog Tile Display allows a user to:

  1. Enable tiles preview
  2. Arrange placement of the total Dimension value
  3. Choose color scheme (examples based on the color scheme selected are shown below)
  4. Set time after which Alert, Annotation or Note icons are removed when hovering over a tile

Data Entry Preferences

Data Entry Preferences allow a user to:

  1. Enable warning about leaving a page
  2. Validate fetch command variables when editing Datasets, Metrics, and Dimensions
  3. Set Editors to open in either simplified mode (based on a template) or advanced mode (with all available settings)