Homepage Basics

The Homepage is the first page you see after log-in. It holds all elements that have been made available to you by your Administrator and that are pertinent to the performance of your organization.

The Homepage is arranged in two blocks, the Left Sidebar, and the Main Panel. The Homepage only contains those elements and Dimension Values that you have Permission to access.

There are also four different Main Panel options, as well as filter options that allow you to restrict the contents of the Main Panel as explained below.

This article covers:

1. Homepage Overview

LEFT SIDEBAR includes a set of options for filtering the Homepage content. Selecting any of the filters or a Categories listed on the Left Sidebar limits the display of elements on the Main Panel:

  1. Show All: reveals all the content which a user has permission to access and which has been made visible on the Homepage.
  2. My Content: only those elements, where a user is designated as a Business or Technical Owner are shown. For details refer to: Grant Users Element View and Dimension Access via Element Ownership
  3. Favorite Folders: By holding the tiles that are of interest to you in favorite sections, you can easily access frequently used information and also receive email digests that provide a daily summary of all updates to your favorite tiles. For details refer to: Working with Favorites and Digests
    • Most Popular Folder: This folder allows you to see what elements other Users are finding useful. This system-generated Folder is populated with the tiles representing those elements which either have been recently added to the favorite folders of others or were viewed by others within the last specified number of days.  This calculation excludes the current User. This Folder name should never be changed.

The default number of tiles shown in this folder is 5, but you can increase it at Admin > Utilities > Config Variables > MOST_POPULAR_FOLDER_TILE_COUNT.

The amount of days to consider while scoring the "Most Popular" folder can be defined at  Admin > Utilities > Config Variables > MOST_POPULAR_FOLDER_VIEW_DAYS.

  1. [5.2] Folders: New in 5.2, these system Folders were added to combine the functions of Shared Folders and Bursting in one place.  For more information, see Understanding Folders
  2. Categories: Categories are used to group tiles and grant bulk access to Users or Groups. For details refer to: Create a Category

MAIN PANEL includes all Metrics, Multi-Metrics, Reports and External Reports that are made visible on the Homepage and to which you have access.

[5.2.1] Allows Users to omit the Category section from their Homepage to reduce clutter, if desired. This option is set in the My Settings section for each individual User. See My Settings (aka 'Preferences')

3. Main Panel View Modes

There are 3 distinct views to choose for the Main Panel display but one is only for Favorites folders.

3.1. [Tile View] thumbnail images, current values, and icons for various collaborative items

This is the original display format for Metric Insights, with the following features available for Favorite folders:

  1. Click this icon to Re-order elements
  2. Manage Favorites allows you to change Favorite options without leaving the Homepage
3.2. [List View] scroll through current values, Alerts, and updates

A tabular view of your elements that allows you to quickly scroll through current values, Alerts, and changes.

3.3. [Grid View] available only for Favorite Folders (obsolete in newer versions)

Similar to the Tile View, but the  Filters and Search options are removed.

3.4. [Version 5.2.1] Drag and Drop tiles to Folders and Favorites

In image above, we are copying a tile from the Marketing Category to My Favorite Folder.  

  1. We do this by selecting the Category to display it's  Tiles on the Main Panel.
  2. Then drag the tile into the Favorite folder.
  3. The Folder you are dragging into will be indicated by a dotted square.
  • To move a tile between Favorites and Folders, simply Drag and Drop the tile to the right-hand Favorite or Folder
  • To copy a tile from a Favorite to a Folder (or vice versa), hold the Shift button while performing the Drag and Drop
  • You are only able to copy  from a Category to a Folder or Favorite.  You cannot move or copy tiles between Categories;  Category is set in the element's Editor.

In Version 6.2.2 A new configuration variable "HOMEPAGE_TILES_DEFAULT_TO_COPY".  When set to "N", the Copy / Move functions as described above (Default value)

When set to Y, the behavior reverses: Drag and Drop will "copy" the tile to new location; holding the Shift key while performing a Drag and Drop will "move" the tile.

4. Basic Homepage Filter Options

4.1. [Version 5.1]

  1. Grouping options: Homepage content can be group by different criteria: by Folders (represented by the Favorites and Categories from the Lift Sidebar), by Update Frequency, by Measurement Interval, etc.
  2. Filtering options: by Content Type (Metric, Report, External Report), Report Type, Stoplight (Performing, Underperforming), Area, etc.
  3. Tags: provide a useful way to group related elements by a common characteristic. For more details refer to: Create a Topic / Tag
  4. Search: by keywords in name or description.
4.2. [Versions prior to 5.1]
  1. Highest Level filter is Search by name or element description.
  2. Limit your display or search by Topic (Sales, Orders). In later versions, this filter has been replaced by Group by (by Folder, Update Frequency, Content type...): this does not filter, but rather changes the display to group by your selection.
  3. Limit display or search using  Filter (by specific items/dimensions/element type).
  4. You can Group the display of Homepage elements (Homepage, Stoplight value, Measurement Interval) - example is by 'Homepage'.
5. Quick info on tiles

Some of the icons and information on Tiles have changed over time, please hover over the icon to display current setting

5.1. A Metric Tile
A Metric Tile

A Metric is a measure that contains a single value for any point in time and that is measured over time.  An example of a Metric is "Daily Sales"

5.2. A Multi-Metric Tile
A Multi-Metric Tile

A Multi-Metric is a chart containing several trend lines and combining more than one measure to allow you to compare each Metric’s individual trend line. The person whom defines the Multi-Metric chooses at least two previously defined Metrics to be charted by the system on the same graph in order to better understand how the various Metric trends related to each other.

5.3. A Report Tile
A Report Tile

A Report typically includes tabular data and one or more charts based on data selected by the person creating the element. The Effective Date of the Report is not the same as the date on which the report is run. This date represents the report's "As of" date.

5.4. Dimensioned Element's Tiles
Dimensioned Element's Tiles

If the Element is defined as Dimensioned, there is a tile for each Dimension Value. In this example, Daily Sales is dimensioned by Country.

NOTE: As noted above, you only see tiles for the Dimension Values for which you have Permission to access.

6. Anatomy of Preview (Metric example)

Single-clicking on any tile opens a Preview pop-up or, if previewing is not enabled, a Full Chart view. Double-clicking on the tile or single-clicking on the Preview always opens the larger chart view (Live view).

  1. You can alter the display period on the Preview by selecting a time frame or Range Selector below the Chart
    1. [5.2.1] Previews in newer Versions are completely interactive in the same manner as Full Viewers
  2. Element can be added to Favorites folder by clicking the Star icon
  3. You can manage Alert Subscription for this element
  4. Data can be Shared, or Downloaded in a variety of formats, such as Excel and PDF files
  5. Statistics summary information
7. Homepage Message

To learn how to add a message displayed either for everyone or for a specific group of users (Admins, Power Users or Regular Users) at the top of the Homepage, see Creating a Homepage Message

[5.4.0] The Homepage Message has been replaced by the more feature-laden Announcements function - see Creating an Announcement on Homepage or Element Viewers