Reset Account Password

Non-LDAP Metric Insights users have the possibility to recover their password in case it's been forgotten/lost or requires to be changed for security reasons.

The procedure is simple and includes three steps:

  1. Sending an emails with a temporary password
  2. Logging in with the temporary password
  3. Resetting the temporary password

1. Send Email with Temporary Password

  1. [Recover password]
  2. Type in an email address to which you will receive a new temporary password
  3. [Send Password]

2. Log in with Temporary Password

  1. Access the application either from the email or at <MIhostname>/login
  2. Input the login name and temporary password
  3. [Login]

3. Change Temporary Password

  1. Input and validate the new password
  2. [Save]
    • This will take you to the Homepage