Adding elements without data to Favorite folders

Sometimes you will be creating or importing elements that currently do not have data collected for them, but you may want to set up Favorite folders to display them when data is collected.

You cannot use the Favorites star to select these as we do not display 'empty' elements in the Homepage, and Dimensions without any values will not display in the Viewers.

There is a simple way to do this by using the Favorites Editor.

1. Open Favorites Folder

Access User menu > My Favorites

Click the Favorites Active Name link.

2. Add Tile

  1. [+Add Tiles] to open the Add Element screen
  2. Activate the checkbox near the Element that has no data. It will be marked as (Not Visible on HomePage)
  3. [Add selected item(s)]

You can now see the Element in the Tiles in Grid table and the Report will appear in your Favorites folder when data is collected.