Display Folders Contents on Element Viewers

New in 6.2.3 is the ability to access the other elements in a Folder without returning to the Homepage when you view an element. If an element exists in one of the Folders on your Homepage, any View of that element will also display a list of Folder elements in the Sidebar.

Example: If you start in the  Sales Folder, and click on the Daily Sales element, a collapsible Sidebar will display all of the elements in Sales the Folder with the currently chosen element highlighted. You can select a different element in Sidebar to display its Viewer. The Viewer is fully interactive allowing you all Viewer functions in prior versions.


System Variable "DISPLAY_ELEMENT_VIEWER_OBJECT_HIERARCHY" must be set to "Y".

There are some exceptions/variations:

  1. [6.2.4] An External Report that is 'discoverable' will now display in the sidebar. (See Make External Reports Discoverable )
  2. Dimensioned elements will only show a single Tile in Sidebar, Viewer will default to the first Dimension (see 3) 
  3. [6.2.4] The Sidebar elements are displayed in the same order as they are displayed on the Homepage.
  4. If there is only a single element in the Folder, the Sidebar will not display.
  5. If an External Report is based on Power BI, any Pages associated with the object in Power BI will also display in the sidebar.

1. Accessing Elements from the Homepage

1.1. Accessing the Viewers from a Folder

Docs - Google Chrome

Click on any element in the Folder to display it in the Viewer (example is France | Daily Sales)

 Depending on your Homepage settings you may see a Preview of the element before the Viewer opens. Click on element name once more!

1.2. Viewer will include a collapsible sidebar with list of Folder elements

Chart: France | Daily Sales (Tableau) - Google Chrome
  1. Folder Name: This field is not clickable, use Breadcrumb above to return to Folder on Homepage (Item 4)
  2. Folder elements: Note that Dimensions are not displayed in Sidebar but Viewer will open to the Dimension chosen in the Folder. If there exist multiple Dimensions for the same element, system will default to the first in Folder list.
  3. Sidebar is collapsible to allow full image view
  4. Return to Folder on your Homepage via the Breadcrumb

The functionality on Viewer is fully interactive, as in previous versions.

1.3. Accessing an Element Viewer from a screen other than a Folder

If an element doesn't exist in any Folder you have access to, the Sidebar will not appear.

If the element also exists in a Folder you have on your Homepage, a Sidebar will display with elements from the first Folder containing this element. This is true if you access an element via a Burst or Email link, Elements List, Related Item, etc.

1.3.1. From a Burst

Daily Burst for Cost for 12/28/2020 - bk@metricinsights.com - Metric Insights Mail - Google Chrome

Viewer will display a Sidebar containing the first Folder on Homepage with this element.

1.4. From a Favorites Folder

Docs - Google Chrome

Note the Sidebar is displaying for the "New Content" folder rather than from Favorites Folder.

1.5. From the Elements list

Element List - Google Chrome

Again, note the Sidebar is displaying for the "New Content" folder (first folder on Homepage).

2. Display of "Pages" for Power BI External Report

2.1. PowerBI Report Example    

External Report Editor - Google Chrome

2.2. View PowerBI Report after adding to Homepage Folder

External Report: Example of PowerBI_ExtRep with pages & filters - Google Chrome
  1. Other elements in same folder
  2. PowerBi example with selectable pages