Duplicate an entire Favorite Folder automatically

This feature allows you to copy the entire contents of one folder to create another. This is helpful when you have users that typically view a single segment.  Optionally, the Permissions of your existing Favorites folders can be copied in order to put the segments into separate folders for the same user or groups.

1. Example of Favorite folder for 'Canada Sales'

Note that folder 'Canada daily data' contains various elements tracking Sales and Revenue in Canada

2. Access My Preferences (below your Username) > My Favorites

In the respective row click the Duplicate icon.

3. Complete the 'Duplicate Favorite' pop-up

Complete the 'Duplicate Favorite' pop-up
  1. Select a  New folder Name since two folders cannot have the same name
  2. Select the new Dimension value from drop-downs

[Duplicate] to complete the process

4. Example of New Favorites Folder in Favorites Editor

  1. The newly created folder appears in the Favorites grid
  2. Use the displayed icons to Edit, Burst, Download to PowerPoint, Duplicate, or Delete the new folder just as you would for any other Favorite

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