Include PDF, CSV, PPT or Excel file for element in Digest emails

Here is how to include an attachment of your element as a PDF, CSV, PPT or Excel file. You can select the required file type from the dropdown in the Editor.  The System defaults to None.

1. Setting Reports

Use the "Attach to digest" field in the Report Editor on the "Report Distribution" tab.

2. Setting on Metrics

Optionally, include the page URL, to which Recipients are redirected when clicking on a Metric in an email Digest.

Use the "Attach file to Digest" field in the Metric Editor on the "Advanced" tab (version 3.2 and later). Make sure you are in the Advanced Editor mode.

3. Setting on Favorite Folder Digest

Make sure to "Include Element Downloads" for the favorite folder. Go to your Favorites page and click on the gear to the right to see these settings.