Favorites Digest Customization

The following article shows how to enable and set Favorites Digest sending. Favorite Digest email informs the User of any changes in Elements included to one or several Favorites folders.

1. Open Favorite Digest Editing Window

Access User menu > My Notifications

  1. The My Notifications are toggle must be switched to "ON"
  2. Click gear icon to open the editing window

2. Edit the Favorite Digest

  1. Send emails to: Enter the valid email to send the Favorites Digest to. The default email is the email associated with currently logged User
  2. Send Favorite Digest: Select a time when the Digest is sent. Both Public and any Private Schedules are listed in the drop-down
  3. Send Digest as: You can select to receive a single email containing data from all selected folders or a separate email for each folder
  4. Email template: Choose Email temple from the drop-down menu

For more information about Schedules, check Setting up Private Schedules article.

3. Check What Favorites Folders are Included into Digest

Open Favorites tab

Check mark in the Include in Digest column indicates folders that are included into Favorites Digest.

3.1. Include the Folder into Digest

  1. Click the gear icon in the Favorites folder row
  2. Include in Favorites Digest: Select "yes" to include the folder into Digest
  3. Include in Digest on: Select to have the Digest generated when one of two situations occurs:
    • Element update: Digest will be generated on a Daily Basis if at least one element has been changed
    • Date Collection Trigger Completion: Digest will be generated based on completion of certain events
  4. Include element downloads: Select if the Elements will be added to the email as attachments
  5. Digest Template Settings: The options displayed here are based on the template previously chosen for the Favorites Digest
  6. [Save] to save the changes

4. Preview the Favorite Digest

[Preview Favorites Digest] to check how it looks like. Here's an example of the Digest preview:

Example of a on-line preview

Scroll to see entire Digest.