Add (or Delete) Elements to a Favorites folder

Any tile on your Homepage, or any element that you can view, may be included in one or more of your Favorite folders. This is controlled by the Star icon on either the Homepage view, Chart Preview or any of the Chart Viewers.

The Add to Favorites pop-up includes both your Personal Favorite folders and those shared folders to which you have been granted the ability to maintain (this configurations is set by the User sharing the Favorite folder)

Tiles can also be added to Favorites via your Favorites Editor, see Using Notifications: Favorites Editor to Maintain Favorites

1. Click the small Star icon at the top left corner of a tile

 Click the small Star icon at the top left corner of a tile
  1. Example of an element already added to at least one Favorite folder (gold star)
  2. Example of an element not yet included in any Favorite folder (grey star)

1.1. The Star icon on Viewers

This Chart has not yet been included in any Favorites folder

1.2. Or on the Preview of any Chart

Click the Star icon to add the Chart to the Favorite folder(s)

The Add/Remove pop-up opens

2. Add an element to Favorite folder(s)

Add an element to Favorite folder(s)
  1. Select or clear check boxes to add or remove the Chart from the corresponding Favorite folder(s). Multiple folders can be selected at once
  2. Click Save changes
  3. Alternatively, you can choose to create a new Favorite folder (see below) based on your assigned Permissions

2.1. Click 'create new folder'

Click 'create new folder'

2.2. Enter the name for a new Favorite folder

Enter the name for a new Favorite folder

Click Save changes

A new folder is created and the selected Chart is automatically added to it and to any other Favorite folders selected from the list

3. Check whether your Chart has been added to the required Favorite folder(s)

Once the element is added to the Favorite folder(s), its Star icon turns golden on all element displaying options