Elements with Error

One of the error boxes you may see on the Status Monitor page of your Metric Insights instance is the Elements with Error box. This box informs you how many of your elements are throwing errors during data collection.

This article is not intended to be a specific step-by-step procedure; however, if the Status Monitor indicates that you have Elements with Error(s), you can use the information presented herein to guide you in investigating the problem.

IMPORTANT: If you complete the investigative process in this article and you are still not clear as to the nature of the problem or require additional assistance, contact Metric Insights at support@metricinsights.com.

NOTE: The format of the Status Monitor is slightly different in Version 3.

1. Go to Admin > Status Monitor

2. Review Status Overview

  1. If you find a similar message, there is something wrong with the element definition that is not allowing Metric Insights to collect data for an element

3. Check Elements with Error table

  1. Open the Elements with Error tab
  2. Review the Error column display of the error message and fetch command

4. Analyze SQL or Fetch command Error

  1. Click the element Name link to open the element Editor

4.1. Review your SQL or Command syntax

  1. Validate your statement/command. If the error persists, contact Metric Insights at support@metricinsights.com

5. Investigate Connectivity Error

  1. Click the Data Source Name link to go to the Data Source Editor

5.1. Review the Plug-in Information and Parameters

  1. Click Test Connection to test your Data Source connection to confirm connectivity.  

5.2. Check Remote Connection

  1. Page down to Remote Collectors section
  2. If the remote data collector is shown in pink, it is inactive; the heartbeat is more than 2 minutes old and it is not working properly. If the remote data collector is shown in white, it has an active heartbeat. It might still have problems but further investigation will be needed

Please see Troubleshooting a Remote Data Collector  for more information