How to track users clicking on links from emails

New in Release 6.2 is a more detailed Burst tracking system, see Burst Tracking

I want to know when a user clicks on a link from a Metric Insights email and logs into my third-party application like Tableau or QlikView. How do I do that? In version 3.2 and newer, when you click on a link from a Metric Insights email we log your user ID, time, and element (among other items) in our database. This is logged even when users click on a link to an external application.

Tracking Setting

Tracking is enabled by default.

  1. If you want to turn tracking off set this parameter in Config Variables to 'N'
  2. And Commit Changes

Where data is the stored?

Where data is the stored?

The data is stored in the 'dashboard_element_view_log_detail' table in the 'dashboard' database.  



You can then build metrics and report using the table. For example, to get this sample above use:

select username,name,e. element_id, view_time from dashboard_element e, user u, dashboard_element_view_log_detail d where u.user_id=d.user_id and e.element_id=d.element_id 

Note: we capture unique clicks on an element restarting every 15 minutes. For example, if I click on a link from an email twice within 15 minutes, we only record it as once. If you click on it after 15 minutes it is recorded again.