Restore Folders via Trash Page

This functionality is different from Trash available from the UI at Content > Trash.

The Folder Trash Page is only accessible for Admins at <hostname>/admin/foldertrash.

The Folder Trash Page has been introduced as a way for viewing and restoring deleted Folders and Sub-folders. This page is accessible at <hostname>/admin/foldertrash only for Admins.

After deletion, Folders can be restored individually withing 90 days or, otherwise, will be deleted irrevocably. Upon restoration, a Description, Folder hierarchy, content, and sharing dependencies are restored as well. The processing time depends on the amount of the Folder content and complexion of sharing dependencies.

NOTE: Bursts created from Folders before their restoration become disabled.

[6.4.1] Sub-folders can be restored even if the Parent Folder has been renamed and there is a new Folder with the old name. If there is a new Sub-folder with the same name created in the system after deletion, the restore won't be performed.