Change tile order in a Category

The default sort order on your Homepage is alphabetic within each Category, using the full tile name; however, the Admin User with corresponding permissions has the ability to reorder tiles within each category assigned to him. To change tile order within a certain category follow these steps:

1. Access Admin > Utilities > Config Variables

Verify that your configuration parameter is set to allow modification

  1. To find the required variable, filter all variables by the keyword 'sort'.
  2. The DASHBOARD_ALLOW_SORTING_IN_CATEGORY variable must be set to 'Y'.

2. Verify whether you can set Sort Order of the required Category

When a Category is originally created, the Sort Order set by field is automatically populated with the name of the Admin User creating the Category, but may be changed to any Admin User from the drop-down list. Only this User may modify the element order for this Category.

3. Access the 'Re-order elements' function

  1. Open your Category at the Homepage
  2. Click the Re-order elements button next to the Filter Options

4. Drag and drop rows to set the required element order

Drag and drop rows to set the required element order

Once done, click Close. The changes are saved automatically and elements in this Category will now be shown in this order to all users.