Debugging User Problems: Log in as a different user

To quickly solve any issues Users and Power Users may have faced, Administrators have to make sure they can reproduce the problem and debug it. For this purpose Administrators can log in as ANY user created in the system and find/fix issues occurred in user account.

NOTE: The format of the User Editor is slightly different in Versions prior to 5.0

1. Access Admin menu > Users

  1. The list of users available in the system opens
  2. Find the row of the required user
  3. Click Login as this User icon

1.1. Alternatively, you can log in as a different user from the User Editor

2. Confirm your action

Click Login as <Username>.

3. The system logs you in as a selected user - panel changes color

In version 4.1 when Admin is logged in as a different user, the top panel changes its color to remind the Administrator that he should return to his account to continue working with a system

  1. Now you get the access to the system in the exact same way a user does (with their permissions and potential issues).
  2. To come back to your account, in Admin menu select Return to <Username> session.

The system redirects you to the Users screen.