Find Related elements from Viewers

If you want to extend your analysis by looking at other Metrics and Reports that contain the information that may be relevant to the element being viewed, the See Related button on the Viewer provides links for immediate access.  This drop-down list contains other elements that contain common or similar information.

Selecting links to other elements, one by one, allows you to open and explore other elements and analyze trends to gain more insight into the results. The See Related button provides you with quick navigation to the selected element. The See Related drop-down list is available on Metrics, Multi-Metrics and Reports.

NOTE: The See Related drop-down list only contains elements that a user has permission to view

Currently, only the "Related elements by 'Measurement Interval'" feature is supported in Dataset Reporting.

1. Open an Element's Viewer

  1. To open the list of elements that have common or similar information with the element being viewed, click See Related. The drop-down list with elements opens.
  2. If you are searching for a specific element(s), enter its full name or key word into the Search field.
  3. Each entry contains an icon defining the element's type
  4. If your element is Dimensioned, related elements with the same Dimension will only display the link for the same Dimension Value. In this example, since your Metric has a Dimension Value of 'Chardonnay', any element that is  dimensioned by same Dimension (Product) will link directly to the same Dimension Value. Elements dimensioned by a different Dimension (Channel) will link to the first Dimension Value by default (Australia).

1.1. Icons defining element type

Icons defining element type
Related elements by 'Measurement Interval'

NOTE: Since the elements based on the Daily, Weekly and Yearly Measure Intervals are directly related to this Monthly element, these elements are displayed in the Measure Interval drop-down list and are not duplicated in the See Related drop-down list

Elements are 'Related' based on settings in the element Editor.  Elements appear in the See Related list if both of the following conditions are true:

  1. The element's Collecting is enabled (data is current)
  2. Elements have at least one Tag in common with your element
  3. For Reports only, any 'drill-to'  element will also be included here irrespective of Tag   For further information on setting 'drill-to elements', see Setup Elements for Further Analysis for a Report

NOTE: Unlike filtering by Tags on the Homepage, the element does not need to be visible on Homepage; and elements that are Disabled will display on the Homepage, but not in the Viewer / See Related drop-down