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Configure JSON Web Token (JWT) Authentication for Tableau Plugin

This article provides instructions on how to configure Tableau auth with a JSON Web Token (JWT).


  • JWT Authentication works only for embedding. For the actual Tableau API integration, use one of the following options:
    • Username/Password;
    • Identity Profile;
    • Personal Access Token.
  • JWT Authentication is available only for Tableau 2022.1 and later.

Using the Tableau API that is not distributed with the system can run with errors.

For troubleshooting, refer to this article.

1. Add New Connected App

Access Tableau Home

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Access the Connected Apps tab
  3. Click [New Connected App]
  4. Provide a descriptive Connected app name
  5. Specify Access level. You can choose to connect to all projects or to specific ones
  6. Define Domain allowlist if you need to limit access to content for specific domains
  7. [Create]

2. Generate New Secret and Enable the App

  1. [Generate New Secret]
  2. Access the menu to Enable the application

3. Save Parameter Values in Tableau Data Source

Copy the required Parameter values to Tableau Data Source and save your changes


  • Username in MI must exactly match the one on the Tableau side OR must be specified in User Editor under Username for Trusted Server Sign-on.
  • To create an External Report with the JWT auth:
    • Intermediate Page for Tableau External Report Type must be set to "Tableau JWT";
    • URL template in the Tableau External Report Editor must be set to "Tableau Workbooks".