Bulk-Add External Reports

In releases prior to and including 6.3.0 the feature is available only for Tableau. Other BI tools are supported in v6.3.1 and later.

In case there are multiple reports in your organization's BI tool that need to be added to Metric Insights, they can be uploaded at once. You can select all of the available reports or check only those that are essential for your organization. Bulk-adding External Reports significantly reduces time required for manual report creation.

NOTE: Bulk-Add does not support all Report Types, it supports BI tools that already have a Plugin Data Source defined in the instance.

Below are the instructions for bulk-adding Tableau External Reports, but the steps are essentially the same for all BI tools.


Established Connectivity to Data Source

1. Choose the Tool

Access New > Bulk Add Ext. Reports > BI tool

2. Define Details

  1. Select the required connection profile
  2. For Tableau only: Optionally, provide the name format for the reports to be loaded
    • Click [Show Example] to make sure the name is correct
  3. Choose the objects to import
    • [Refresh List] if the objects you need do not appear on the list
    • Hide External Reports that already exist in the system via Hide Loaded
  4. Select External Report Template, if needed
    • If selected, the fields below will be hidden (the rest of the settings will be covered by the Template)
  5. Choose Category to place the newly-loaded External Reports
  6. Specify is report images should be updated automatically
    • If "yes", choose a trigger for it in the following field
  7. Select how you want to open External Reports
  8. [Import]

It is highly recommended not to upload more than 2000 Reports to Metric Insights simultaneously to avoid the rendering issues.

3. Verify the Import Results

  1. Click the button that corresponds to how you want to proceed