Options for Fetching Tableau Workbooks

Apart from embedding external Tableau reports into Metric Insights, you can create new Metrics and Reports using data from Tableau Reports (often referred to as 'Views'). A list of reports may be 'stored' within a Tableau Data source and can be collected manually (via CSV file), automatically, or even on the fly (while creating a respective report).


Connectivity with Tableau:

[Release 6.x]: 'Remote Data Collector' renamed to 'Remote Data Processor'

Challenge: Fetch the List of Tableau Reports to Create New Elements with Them

Challenge: Fetch the list of Tableau Reports to create new elements with them

After establishing connectivity to your Tableau server, go to Admin > Connection & Storage > Data Sources > select the plugin you have created > Tableau Reports List tab. You will find out that this list is empty, but in order to create new elements and for using Tableau as a data source, you need actual data.

This list should contain paths to Tableau Workbooks and Views that should serve as sources of information for creating new Reports and Metrics in Metric Insights. This list can be extracted:

  • Automatically: in case you want ALL available Reports (Views) to be extracted
  • Manually: you may create a custom list of Tableau Views that can be available for further element creation
  • On the fly: add the Tableau report View right when creating an element in Metric Insights. Alternative approach.

[Option 1] Automatic Fetch of Tableau Reports

[Option 1] Automatic Fetch of Tableau reports

If you prefer to fetch the list of all reports that you currently have in Tableau:

  1. Open the Tableau plugin profile you have created and go to the Info tab
  2. Under Advanced Data Source Configuration, set the External Reports fetch method to "automatically", and [Save]
  3. On Tableau Reports List tab, [Refresh list]

Result: The list of reports is going to be automatically populated.

[Option 2] Manual Fetch Tableau Reports

[Option 2] Manual Fetch Tableau reports

You can populate the list of external reports one-by-one or via a CSV file. For more information refer to: Populate a Data Source with an uploaded List of Reports

[Option 3] Defining Tableau Report 'On the Fly' in Metric/Report Editors

[Option 3] Defining Tableau report 'on the fly' in Metric / Report Editors

If the Tableau Report (View) is not defined in the Plugin list of Reports, you can manually add it right in the Report/Metric Editor.

Here is more information on creating each type of element:

How to add a report on the fly:

  1. Once you reach the Tableau Worksheet field, you are not limited to the options available in the drop-down list. Click [Select Tableau Worksheet]
  2. In the opened pop-up, click the Plus button
  3. The Add External Report pop-up opens.
  4. Copy the [Workbook name]/[View name] for the Tableau view from your Tableau URL
  5. [Save]