Tableau Parameters (Mandatory and Optional)

When you create a Tableau Data Source, along with other settings, you need to define mandatory (Server and Site ID) and optional Tableau parameters.

[Release 6.x]: 'Remote Data Collector' renamed to 'Remote Data Processor'

Plugin Data Source Editor

Parameters Description

Tableau Parameter
Variable Namе
Tableau Server
This is a server address variable.
  • If the Remote Data Collector (RDC) runs on the Tableau server, enter "localhost".
  • If RDC runs on a different machine, enter the Tableau server name.
Site ID
This is a site name variable.
  • Input Site ID if you need the Tableau plugin to connect to a specific site.
  • Otherwise, if Site ID (name) is not provided, it will connect to default.
NOTE: If you are using Tableau Online, this parameter is required.
Auth Method
This variable sets the authentication method during the connection to the Tableau server
  • :authMethod=rsa (default) - authentication method via encryption key; 
  • :authMethod=trusted - authentication method via trusted IP (without encryption key).
Private Key Passphrase
Define the passphrase for the keyStore password in this variable.
  • In order to use the key for public-key encryption, the file is decrypted with the decryption key. SSH does this automatically by asking you for the passphrase.
Force refresh cache
This is a Boolean variable (true / false).
  • Here you can set the possibility to update elements on Tableau server before loading.
Key Store Path
Enter a path to keyStore on your virtual machine.
Key Store Password
Here you can specify password to keyStore.
Maximum iterations for single data fetch
Configuring this variable will help  prevent Tableau server overload.
  • When collecting data for an element with External Filters, the plugin runs iterations for all possible combinations of Filter Values
  • Before fetching data, the number of required iterations (fetches) is counted by the plugin. Should it exceed the specified number, the plugin will not send the request (to avoid server overload).
Primary Date Format
Enter date format if you want to teach plugin how to handle it (e.g. primary_date_format=MMM YY).
Project List (Comma-Separated)
Enter project names (comma-separated) to narrow the list of projects (e.g. project=Tableau Samples, default)
  • Enter the site name if you want to specify it (e.g. site=Sales). By default site=Default. 
  • If you use Tableau Online, then it must be specified.
Trust Store Path
Here you can specify the path to store with trusted SSL certificates.
Trust Store Password
Here you can specify the password from store with trusted SSL certificates.
Use Custom Views
This is a Boolean variable (true / false).
Validate SSL Certificates
This is a Boolean variable (true / false).
  • Here you can define whether to check for a SSL certificate. 
  • Plugin will ignore if it is a self-signed certificate.