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Handle "All Values" as Filter Value in Tableau

This article describes how to Apply the "All Values" setting to External Report and Send External Report with Burst.


Before applying the "All Values" setting:

  1. Create External Report as usual
  2. Map a Tableau filter to External Report in Metric Insights. Once it is mapped, the External Report viewer enables the "All Values" setting.

1. Apply "All Values" Setting to External Report

To learn more on how to apply filters to External Report, see also Filtering in External Reports (Pre-filtering BI tools).

1.1. Map Filters to Metric Insights External Report

  1. Go to [Configuration] tab in External Report
  2. [Manage Filters]
  1. [+ Filter] to create a new filter
  2. Enter a Tableau filter name (case sensitive)
  3. Choose "Map to existing Dimension Values"
  4. Select a required value from the "Dimension" drop-down list
  5. [Save]

Dimension does not need to have "All" or "Total" values. Metric Insights displays the "All Values" setting in the Viewer drop-down list. All Values as a filter value setting are not shown in the Editor.

  1. [View] to see the filter created and values applied

To learn how to filter values based on User Map, see also Create a User Map article.

2. Send External Report with Burst

2.1. Create and Custom for Burst

To burst External Report and send one image with "All Values" and one image of the desired External Report filter value:

  1. Go to [+New] to start creating a burst
  2. Select [Burst]
  3. [+Add Tiles] to select required tiles
  1. Find desired tile through search
  2. Check the tile
  3. [+Add Selected]
  1. Name the burst
  2. Go to [Filters]
  3. Set "Custom for Burst"
  4. [Add Filter Combination]

In [Add Filter Combination], add filters one by one.

In the above example:

Filter 1:

  1. Set "All Values"
  2. "Set Custom Filter Combination Name" (optional)
  3. [Save]

Filter 2:

  1. Select values from the drop-down lists
  2. "Set Custom Filter Combination Name" (optional)
  3. [Save]

As a result, filters applied comprise:

  1. All Values
  2. Values by country (Canada)

[Save] to save the filters.

2.2. Preview Created Burst

To see the burst created:

  1. Go to [Preview]

Preview shows External Report containing:

  1. Image with All Values
  2. Image with the desired filter value

Now, the burst is ready to be sent.

To learn more about how to create and send a new burst, see Create New Burst.