Populate a Data Source with an uploaded List of Reports

A list of reports may be 'stored' within a plug-in Data Source after being uploaded from a file, either via CSV or with some other type.

1. Create a Plug-in Data Source

  1. Since we are going to upload a list of reports manually, set the Use Remote Data Collector? field to 'no' and the External Reports fetch method field to 'manually'.

For more details on establishing connectivity to data sources, refer to Connecting To Data Sources and find information for a required one from the list.

2. Upload a List as a CSV file

  1. Open the Tableau Reports List tab
  2. Click Load from CSV file
  3. The Load From File pop-up opens
  4. Click Browse and select a file from your local machine
  5. Click Import

2.1. Review results of upload

Review results of upload

2.2. Review the list of External Reports in the grid

3. Create an External Report using the Data Source

Create an External Report using the Data Source

Create a new External Report, paying attention to these settings:

  1. Report Type:  Choose a type consistent with the Data Source being used (In this example, Tableau)
  2. Automatically refresh Report image: Choose 'yes' to see the image with valid data and select the Report image update Trigger from the drop-down list in the field below
  3. Plug-in Connection Profile:  Select an option consistent with the Data Source created in Step 1 and 2
  4. Tableau view: Pick a report that has the desired data from the list of uploaded Reports

Save your entry.

3.1. External Report URL

  1. Once the report is saved, the External Report URL is automatically generated.
  2. Click Collect Image to preview the Report.

3.2. Preview the External Report