Understanding what is accessible via the Mobile App

Both Mobile and Desktop have unique strengths. While desktop is suitable for a variety of tasks (searching, viewing, collaboration, building and editing), mobile is best for an isolated set, primarily viewing, collaboration, and basic searching. The details below should clarify any questions you might have about what is accessible in the various mobile views (Analyst Insights / Executive Brief)


  • Not all elements are accessible in Executive Brief view (For details, see image above).
  • Dataset Reports will be available in Executive Brief mode starting with Version 5.6

In the default Analyst Insights view, the Metric Insights Mobile App provides access to:

  1. Metrics
  2. Multi-Metrics
  3. Alerts (via the dedicated Alerts tab)
  4. Reports (Legacy and our new Dataset Reports, introduced in 5.3)
  5. External Reports (as images without interactivity)
  6. External Content (currently not available in Executive Brief)

There is no such thing as Mobile-only content. In general, the elements you create on desktop, and the Folders or Categories you place them in, are accessible via the mobile app (depending on the Homepage view)


Objects on the Home tab are presented in two separate views, each other a different audience in mind:

Analyst Insights, the default view, provides view access to all Metric Insights content in a condensed list view intended for analysts and general business users. All Folders, Favorites and Categories that a user has permission to view are accessible. All content is searchable, and elements hidden from the homepage can be accessed via search, as on the Web Application.

Executive Brief is designed to be a KPI-focused quick view into your content, intended for executives and other users that only need to see a small subset of content. Folders and Favorites are represented, while Categories are not. Each folder appears as page, advancing to the next page is accomplished via a swipe gesture.


Alerts are accessible via the Alerts tab regardless of the Home view's setting (Analyst Insights or Executive Brief)

Differences between iOS and Android

Capabilities are the same on iOS and Android, with consideration of the platform's UI guidelines (in other words, the interfaces are not identical, they honor the standards/patters for that platform)