Logging in as a Guest User

As of Release 5.5.1, Metric Insights allows logging in multiple users with a single Guest account.

To set up Guest User access:

  1. Create a User account
  2. Enable Guest Login


1. Create a User account

Any person using Metric Insights must have a User Account. Each Account belongs to one of three User Types:

  1. Regular User can view elements
  2. Power User can both view and edit elements (For more information, see Understanding Power Users)
  3. Administrator is not limited in their ability to edit or create content; can also manage User accounts and control system behavior  

Each of these Account Types is governed by the corresponding Security Provisions:

  1. For a brief description of how security works, access Security Overview (Release 5.3.0 and beyond)
  2. To get a comprehensive understanding of the Security model in Metric Insights, consult the manual Controlling Access within Metric Insights
  1. Access User List via Admin menu > Users
  2. Click [+New User]
  3. Enter User information and Save

Upon Save, you will be redirected to the User Editor where you can grant the corresponding Permissions and Privileges to your User as well as give access to the Metric Insights Objects and Elements for this User Account.

To see details, go to Create a New User Account and Assign to group

2. Enable Guest Login

Guest Login functionality is controlled by the following configuration variables:


SAML_AUTOCREATE_USERS variable must be set to "false".  Having it activated will lead to bypassing the Guest Login feature (a User will not be logged in as Guest but via the new account that will be created for them at login).

To enable Guest User login:

  1. Go to Admin > Utilities > System Config
  2. Access and configure the following variables:
    • SAML_ASSERTION_ATTRIBUTES_LOGGING can optionally be set to "Y" (if necessary to store attributes of Users that log in via SAML)
    • SAML_AUTOCREATE_USERS must be disabled (set to "N")
    • SAML_ENABLED must be set to "Y"
    • SAML_GUEST_LOGIN_ENABLED must be set to "Y"
    • SAML_GUEST_LOGIN_USERNAME stores the name of the Metric Insights account that has been previously created for Guest User access
  3. [Commit Changes] as prompted

Users can log in via Guest account

After authorizing on the SAML server, Users will be able access Metric Insights via a Guest account. All permitted Tiles will be displayed on the Homepage.