Release 6.3.5

A huge amount of development effort in v6.3.5 has been dedicated to our Chatbot application and integration with Slack which you can now test and see the difference. As our Portal Page functionality is becoming an essential part of Metric Insights, we have introduced some significant improvements to it as well. Some Plugin changes and other minor enhancements have also become a part of this release. Keep reading.

Major Features in 6.3.5 (released September 16, 2022)

  1. This version introduces many improvements to our Chatbot application and integration with Slack, such as new API, enhanced performance, easier installation, and many more.
  2. Custom domains like can now be assigned to specific Portal Pages to target specific audience of users.

The primary Docker images used for standard deployments are:

  1. web –
  2. dataprocessor –
  3. seed –
  4. data-analyzer –
  5. monitoring –

Optional images:

  1. logger  –
  2. mysql –

Chatbot & Slack

  1. Chatbot integration has been updated to enhance the performance and provide simpler configuration and deployment. 
  2. Slack Socket API is now utilized instead of the RTM API allowing the Chatbot for Slack to be installed on the same server as MI application without the DMZ deployment.
  3. Chatbot settings are now stored in Metric Insights database and can be modified via Slack/Microsoft Teams Integration Editors.
  4. Slack Channels can be managed and assigned manually from the Slack Integration Editor and added directly from the Burst Editor.
  5. Security mappings are managed by default in Dashboard DB (the metadata database for Metric Insights) without the need for a separate, manually-created Dataset.

Portal Pages

You can now define a Custom Domain for your Portal Pages like which is perfect for scenarios where a team-specific site/portal is being replaced by a MI Portal Page. Note that your SSO provider configuration, DNS name, and saml.php file have to be correspondingly set up.


A new Privilege, "Designate Slack Channel", is now available to assign to Power Users allowing them to choose an internal Slack Channel for use as an output destination for a Burst created in Metric Insights, or as a channel available for interaction via Chatbot.

Other Improvements

  1. We have implemented the ability to specify database aliases for Data Sources associated with Tableau Plugin Connection Profile to support the External Dataset functionality.
  2. Access Token for Dropbox Paper Plugin can now refresh automatically. 
  3. The node menu of the Lineage Diagram has been expanded with additional details about Datasets, such as Ownership. Now it also includes Edit and View links.

DevOps & Installation

  1. The MI installer has been updated with new parameters to support the new Chatbot installation. The old Chatbot has to be uninstalled to deploy the new one.
  2. Two global commands mi-chatbot and mi-nlu have been added.
  3. Chatbot can be installed on the same server as the MI application. Currently this is supported for Slack Integration only.
  4. Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP is now supported as a network file system for Metric Insights deployed on Amazon ECS.

Issues Fixed

  1. Issues with Power BI Object and image collection that has been caused by PowerBI changes in field names for tabs are no longer present. 
  2. Overlays of long Custom Field over other fields on the search results page have been fixed. 
  3. Content Center Usage Downloads returning empty files has been resolved.
  4. Full metadata is now displayed on Tile Hover while calling via JS/Portal Page.