Release 7.0a Beta

From a technology perspective, v7 is a giant leap forward.

While v6 focused on Docker deployment and a services-based architecture, we've completely rebuilt our front-end as well as the majority of business logic with v7. Although the database schema and core architecture remain the same, we're operating with an entirely new stack (PHP 8.2, the Laravel MVC framework, and a React front-end) that is more powerful, capable, and secure.

These improvements mean that we can work towards an ideal user experience, faster—and continue to lead as the world's premier BI Portal platform.

Many new patterns have been introduced in the UI to make basic navigation and interaction easier, especially on List Pages and Element Editors. Multi-select is more widely available for objects. Themes can now be created/modified directly in the product. The entire UI, for all User types, is ready for localization in common Western and Eastern languages, with RTL (right-to-left) language support planned.

What to expect

v7.0a is BETA software that is not intended for production use. There are known issues. That being said, the vast majority of functionality you are familiar with in v6 has been reimplemented in v7, this includes:

  1. Data Sources (both Plugin and SQL)
  2. All Element types
    1. External Reports
    2. External Content
    3. Metrics
    4. Reports
  3. Datasets and Data Storage
  4. Categories
  5. Dimensions, with the caveat of some known issues that could come up with more complicated use-cases
  6. All metadata objects
  7. Security model (including privileges and privilege sets), with the exception of some known issues listed below
  8. Users & Groups
  9. Announcements
  10. Documents
  11. Custom Fields
  12. Feedback Prompts
  13. Portal Pages have improved in 7.0a, although there are still many known bugs. These issues will all be resolved in 7.0.1. We still want you to try out your Portal Pages in v7 if you plan to deploy v7 Beta, and we want to see specifically what's broken.

Here’s what’s missing from v7.0a Beta:

  1. All Public Element Viewers
    1. Ext Reports
    2. Metrics
    3. Reports
    4. Ext Content
  2. Bulk Add External Reports
  3. Bulk Add External Content
  4. Bursts:
    1. Filters for External Reports
  5. Homepage/Metric/etc Tours (for new users)
  6. Managed Alerts
    1. Alert Inbox
    2. My Alerts
  7. Folder Trash
  8. Metrics:
    1. Targets
    2. Projections
    3. Custom Charting Intervals (day of week, etc)
  9. Collaboration is only partially implemented
  10. Datasets:
    1. External and Virtual Datasets
    2. Stats Models
    3. KPI Visualization
  11. JS Chart Templates, Charting settings
  12. Pipeline
  13. License Keys have not been enabled

Abandoned Features

We have abandoned:

  1. Global Alerts 
  2. Guided Analysis for Datasets
  3. Multi-Metrics (replaced by Metrics with Overlays)
  4. Metrics sourced from Existing Metrics
  5. Homepage/Catalog: Tiles (in tile view—or list items in list view) no longer have the ability to display icons for Alerts, Annotations and Comments to indicate the related activity (e.g. a comment icon would display if a new comment had been posted to that element)
  6. License Requests for Tableau
  7. Slideshows
  8. Incoming email responses (provided ability for user to respond to an email from MI, parse out the response, and post to the Element as a comment)
  9. External Service Credentials and Web Service Credentials (legacy features that are not used)

If you are actively using one of these features, please notify [email protected]

Known Issues

As 7.0a is a Beta, there are dozens of known issues. Here is a short summary of items to keep in mind:

Major Issues:

  1. Currently, there’s no way to apply Filters to content included in Bursts. 
  2. You can expect multiple issues while using Content Center, such as:
    • Problems with some Elements’ and Users’ display in drop-downs;
    • Filters not Filtering data properly;
    • Issues with Engagement counts;
    • Long Usage grids;
    • Minor UI inconsistencies, etc.
  3. Themes are new Objects in the system; however, the functionality is still under active development. As of now, you can run into some issues mostly associated with a lack of color scheme consistency.
  4. Backup is another area of the system that still requires some improvement. There can be some date and time display inconsistencies, mainly under Backup Schedule.
  5. Downloading PDFs or PPTs for Metrics/External Reports from their previews can take longer times than expected. 
  6. Non-System Admins will have the same rights in the system as System Admins, meaning that they have extended access to particular settings and functionality. For differences between the two types of Admins, refer to this article.

Minor Issues:


  1. You can encounter some issues with the correct display of the object list display in Microsoft Power BI Cloud External Report Editor.
  2. In some cases, External Content may need to be double-saved to apply changes.
  3. For Tableau Dimensioned External Reports, there is a mismatch between the visualization and selected Dimension Value when accessed from the Home page preview.
  4. There are some problems with the Text type of the External Filter functionality in Tableau Plugin.
  5. You can run into issues while trying to open Qlik Sense External Reports in both External Webpage and Viewer.

Access Request:

  1. The Access Denied popups can appear too wide and lack some of the Element information, such as Engagement counts or Certification levels. 
  2. It is currently not possible to apply custom text to the Request Access button by using the ACCESS_REQUEST_BUTTON_TEXT System Variable.
  3. The ACCESS_REQUEST_VIA_WEBPAGE System Variable currently doesn't work.
  4. Power Users can see all the details on the User Access Request page but only the details to which they have access.

System Variables:

  1. The SAML_LOADING_SCREEN_OPTION System Variable doesn't work in this version.
  2. The FILE_PREVIEW_FILETYPE_NOT_SUPPORTED_MESSAGE and FILE_PREVIEW_MAX_SIZE_MESSAGE used for the creation of customizable messages for External Content previews do not work.

Other Minor Issues:

  1. In some areas of the product, the Certification status doesn’t reflect the assigned Certification level color. 
  2. The experience of using the Category filter in Search may not be as smooth as desired.
  3. Events is another component where you can expect to encounter some issues. These can affect multiple aspects, including the UI, behavior, security, etc.
  4. Metrics-associated issues vary from improper button display in other language versions to minor functional inconsistencies, such as the inability to add new Display masks from Metric Editor.
  5. The +Add Category button is unavailable from the Categories action menu on Homepage. The Manage menu for Favorites Folder is currently unavailable too.
  6. Dimensions and Dimension Security require some polishing. 
  7. Overall, tiny UI and functional inconsistencies such as wrong button borders, missing controls, inconsistent translations, and so on are present in other areas of the product, including:
    • Import/Export Utility
    • Data Dependencies
    • Notification Schedules
    • Triggers, etc.

We are working on providing a better user experience in our future versions.