Establish Connectivity to Google BigQuery

1. Create New Data Source

Access Admin > Collection & Storage > Data Sources

  1. [+New Data Source]
  2. Choose "Google BigQuery" from the Other drop-down list
  3. [Next Step]

2. Specify Required Parameters

  1. Provide a descriptive phrase in Data Source Name
  2. Choose Auth Type:
    • Service account key: proceed to Configure Optional Parameters section to provide a service account key
    • OAuth: requires Client ID and Client Secret for token generation

Note: If Data Source utilizes service account key authorization, only objects from the according service account's parent project can be used.

  1. Enter Google services Client ID
  2. Provide Google services Client Secret
  3. [Get Token]
    • Next, you will be asked to enter Google account information in the dialog that opens
    • The following dialog will ask you for permissions to view and manage BiqQuery data

Optionally, toggle on Enable On-Demand Element Creation

3. Configure Optional Parameters

Destination Dataset and Destination Table parameters work only with service account key authorization and need to be specified only for large queries.

1 Enter a Destination Dataset for large queries processing
2 Enter a Destination Table for large queries processing
3 Upload a service account key:
  • Can be found under Google Cloud Console > Select a Project > Navigation Menu > IAM & Admin > Service Accounts > Select a Service Account > Keys tab
  • Only a JSON key can be used
4 Specify if you want to be using Legacy SQL (non-standard variant of SQL used within Google)
  • Obsolete parameter

4. Proceed with Advanced Configuration

Advanced Configuration settings can be set to default values unless Data Source requires more precise tuning. For more details on how to proceed, refer to Advanced Data Source Configuration.

  1. If Data Sources utilizes service account key authorization, you can use a Proxy
  2. [Test Connection] in the upper right corner