Advanced Data Source Configuration

Advanced Data Source Configuration is a part of the Data Source Editor in Metric Insights. This section contains settings for more precise configuration of Data Source. Unless otherwise specified, the system will use default values as shown on the screen below.


  • Some of the plugins include fewer fields under Advanced Configuration.
  • Some of the plugins require using Remote Data Processor.  
  1. Use Remote Data Processor: Defaults to "no"; If required, set to "yes"
  2. If "yes", click the [+ New Remote Processor] button in the Remote Processors section below.
  3. Generate Object List: Choose one option:
    • "automatically": all Reports are fetched by the system.
      • If selected, choose an Object List Refresh Trigger that will be used to fetch data via the plugin
    • "manually": Reports may be added one-by-one or via a CSV file on Objects tab
  4. Threads to utilize during data and/or image fetch: Specify the maximum number of concurrent threads to be used in background processing when the system updates Reports for this Data Source
    • If not specified, batch data collection processing will be single-threaded
  5. Multiple dimension values delimiter for Multiple Dimension Values  
    • Supports fetching aggregate data for several Filter Values
    • Only use the following Delimiter symbols: tilde (~), underscore (_), and hyphen (-)
  6. Use Proxy: Specify if you need to use proxy.
    • If "Yes", choose the proxy from the drop-down below
    • Access general instructions on how to set up proxies
  7. Certified: Optional
    • If set to "yes" and saved, the date and first/last name of the User who certified the Data Source will display

NOTE: The setting has no impact on the Data Source's behavior, the Security Model, or other functionality.  Power Users with Edit Access to an object's Editor can activate the Certification setting. Certification of an object is a "memo" notation only; it does not affect processing logic for the object.