Create User Accounts by Uploading a CSV File

When you need to create Metric Insights accounts for a significant number of users, you can upload a CSV file containing basic user information.

1. Access the list of Metric Insight Users from Admin menu > Users

Click [+ New Users from CSV file]. The Create Users from file screen opens.

2. Upload CSV file

  1. Ensure that the Delimiter shown matches the character used to separate data elements in the CSV file
  2. Click Browse to locate your upload file
  3. You can assign each user to a group by making an appropriate entry in the 'group' column of your CSV file (see below). In addition, you can assign all users to the Default Group by selecting the 'Yes' option next to 'Assign all users to default Group'.
  4. If you want to upload a list of users with all required data via a CSV file, but you are unsure about its format, click Download sample CSV file to obtain a file into which you can enter data after saving it.
  5. Click Import to upload your file

2.1. Example of Sample CSV file in Excel format

Ensure that your file contains the following User data, delimited by the comma:

  • username: Must be unique
  • userpassword: If not blank, must be at least 6 characters long, contain at least one numeric character, and be comprised of both upper and lower case characters; i.e., at least one of each
  • Type: Must be one of the following: 'Administrator', 'Power User' or 'Regular User'
  • email: Must be unique
  • is ldap User?: 'Y' or 'N'. For more information, see: Integrating with LDAP / ActiveDirectory Systems
  • first & last name: May be blank
  • group: You can assign each user to a group by making an appropriate entry in the group column. You can leave the group column empty - it is not necessary to assign users to any group. (If you have selected the 'yes' option next to the Assign all users to default Group field at the step above, each user will also be automatically assigned to the Default Group.)
  • notify user?: Specify if User should be sent an email notification: 'Y' or 'N'
  • Require Password Change?: 'Y' or 'N'

3. Review the results

If necessary, review and correct errors: remove the successful rows from the CSV file, correct the errors and reupload the file.