Move Users between Groups by Exporting to and Uploading from a CSV File

When you need to reassign Users from one Group to another,  you can export the list of Users from one Group and then upload it to a different Group.  This is accomplished by:

  1. Downloading current users to a CSV file in the Group #1 Editor (source Group - 'Finance')
  2. Updating the downloaded file as necessary
  3. Importing the Users using the CSV file in the Group #2 Editor  (recipient Group - 'Company Group')

During the Upload you have the following choices:

  • Add imported Users to the Group and retain any existing Users
  • Remove all existing Users from the Group and replace them with the Users that are imported

1. Export Group Members

Export Group Members

In the Group Editor where you need to download the list of Users (notionally named Group # 1 - 'Finance'):

  1. Open the Members tab
  2. At the lower right corner of the screen click Export CSV. Save the generated CSV file on your local machine.

1.1. Open/Examinte the exported CSV file

Open/Examinte the exported CSV file
  1. Note the Group name in the file name
  2. See the list of users and modify as necessary by adding additional usernames in Column A or removing rows containing any Users that you do not want to move to a new Group
  3. Save the CSV file

2. Import Users to New Group

Import Users to New Group

In the recipient Group Editor (notionally named Group # 2 - 'Company Group'):

  1. Open the Members tab
  2. Click Import CSV
  3. The Load From File pop-up opens
  4. Click Browse to choose the CSV file to be uploaded
  5. Set Add Users or Overwrite Group? to:
  • 'add' (to add Users in the file to the recipient Group and skip any Users that already belong to the Group or ignore any Users that do not exist), or
  • 'override' (warning message is displayed noting that the existing users will be removed from the recipient Group and replaced with the Users in the imported file)

Click Import

NOTE:  If any Users in the imported file do not exist in Metric Insights, they are ignored and a message is provided with this information.

2.1. Review results

Review results

Review the results of the Import:

  1. Records skipped: If a User in the list is already a Member of this Group, his record is skipped
  2. Click OK to save entries in the system