Create a Dimension from a Dataset View

This article describes thow to create a Dimension with Dimension Values collected automatically from a Dataset View.


1. Open an Existing Dataset

Access Content > Datasets and click on the Dataset Active Name link to open the Dataset Editor

[View] to open the Dataset Viewer.

2. Create a Dataset View

  1. Select the column containing the Values for the Dimension
  2. Add as many filters as necessary to make sure that the required column contains only those values that should be fetched Dimension Values
  3. [Save as a View]

For more details about Dataset View creation check the Access, Create, and Modify Dataset Views article.

3. Create a New Dimension

Access Actions > New Dimension

4. Define the basics

  1. Name: Give the Dimension a descriptive name
  2. Key Value Column: Choose the name of the Dataset column that contains the required values
    • Only text columns are displayed in this field
  3. Display Value Column: Choose a Dataset column with Display Values (often the same as above)
  4. [Save]

5. Check the Resulting Dimension

You will be redirected to the newly created Dimension, containing the Values fetched from the Dataset View.