Certification Levels for Elements (6.3.1)

For versions prior to 6.3.1, see Certifying an Element (prior versions)

Version 6.3.1 introduces a more granular method for certifying elements by creating various Levels of Certification.

This article covers:

  1. Certification without Levels
  2. Default Certification Levels
  3. Add a New Certification Level
  4. Setting the Certification Level on Elements
  5. Objects that Allow Setting Levels of Certification
  6. Where Certification Levels are Displayed
  7. Where Certification Levels are available for Filtering


1. Certification without Levels (prior to 6.3.1)

Metric Editor - Google Chrome

The option to select Status of Certified (Yes) or Uncertified (No) has been supported since Release 5, but this function has been expanded in Release 6.3.1 to allow various Levels of Certification.

2. Activate Certification Levels (new in 6.3.1)

Note that you can Add/Change the Certification Levels prior to Activation (Steps 3 & 4)

Admin -> System -> Variables  

Certification Level - Google Chrome
  1. Enter "cert" in the Search field to limit choices
  2. Set ENABLE_CERTIFICATION_FILTERING to "Y" to allow filtering on the Homepage by Certification Level
  3. Set  ENABLE_CERTIFICATION_LEVELS to "Y" to enable the Levels option
  4. MARK UNCERTIFIED_ELEMENTS is no longer supported
  5. [Commit Changes] and your new Levels will be applied

NOTE: All elements that were previously set to Certify = "Y" will now be set to the Level designated as Default.

3. View Default Certification Levels

Admin menu > System > Certification Setup

Certification Level - Google Chrome

Initially, your system will be set up with three Levels, but you can change any of these or add New Certification Levels.

  1. Message showing how to enable Certification Levels if they are currently Disabled
  2. Three Levels are installed with Release 6.3.1. Bronze is the lowest level and Gold is the highest
  3. You can modify any of the existing Levels, or delete any Level except the one designated as Default.
  4. Select [+ New Certification Level] to open the Add popup

4. Add a New Certification Level

Certification Level - Google Chrome
  1. Input a Name that is meaningful to your organization
  2. Optionally, add a Description
  3. Pick a Color by clicking a square on the color chart
  4. Indicate if this Level is the Default. There can only be one Default Level. When Certification Levels are activated, all "yes" certifications will be reset to this Level


5. Setting the Certification Level on an Element Editor  

Content > Elements > Edit any element > Info tab  (our example is an External Report)

Metric Editor - Google Chrome
  1. Set Certified to "Yes"
  2. Certification Levels will display the Default Level
  3. You can choose any Level using the drop-down

6. Objects that Allow Setting Levels of Certification

  1. Elements: Certification is set on their Editors > Info tab as shown above
  2. Workflows: Certification for elements can be set when editing any Stage
Publishing Workflows - Google Chrome
  1. On any Stage Editor, check Certification
  2. Choose either Automatically or by User from dropdown
  3. Select either not certified or any existing Certification Level

7. Where the Certification Level is Displayed

7.1. Homepage tiles

Docs - Google Chrome
  1. Tiles on the Homepage will display Alert Levels if assigned
  2. Hover over the Certified icon to display the same information as is displayed by the Info icon on non-certified elements

7.2. Tile Previews

Docs - Google Chrome

7.3. Element Viewers

Chart: Canada | Daily Sales - Google Chrome

7.4. Lineage Diagrams

Search: daily sales - Google Chrome
  1. Note that the color of "Certified" does not indicate the Level of Certification
  2. Clicking on the element icon will display more Certification information with correct coloring

8. Where Certification Levels are available for Filtering

8.1. Homepage Filter

Docs - Google Chrome
Search: daily sales - Google Chrome
  1. Activating the Certified only toggle will allow filtering by All or any one of the defined Levels

8.3. Elements List  

Element List - Google Chrome