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Configure Publishing Workflow Automation Rules

Beginning in v6.3.1, users are able to streamline and automate content management further by means of an additional feature, Publishing Workflow Automation Rules. Conditions of a rule can be executed either on schedule or upon a Stage change.  

The ability to configure PW Automation Rules is controlled by the ENABLE_PUBLISHING_WORKFLOW_AUTOMATION_RULES System Variable.

1. Enable the Variable


  1. Set the Variable to "Y"
  2. [Commit Changes]

2. Add an Automation Rule

Access Content > Publishing Workflows > Publishing Workflow Name Link

  1. [+Add Rule]
  2. Enter a descriptive phrase in Rule Name
  3. [Save]

3. Define the Details

  1. Select how the rule is to be executed: on schedule or when there is a Stage change. At the following step,
    • if on Schedule: specify how often the rule will check the Condition that will trigger Actions
    • if On Stage Change: specify Stages between which a change will trigger Actions
  2. Specify one or more Actions for the system to execute
  3. If needed, narrow the list of Elements on which Actions will be performed: based on Data Source or Category
    • [+Add] the required Data Sources or Categories
  4. [Save] all changes