Working with Sections for Custom Fields

Custom Fields (CF) are displayed on various elements and viewers ordered under Sections. All Custom Fields must belong to a Section and a default section is automatically assigned upon CF creation.

The Section Editor allows you to:

Example of how Custom Fields display (Summary data on Metric Viewer):

Chart: All Countries | Alerts - Google Chrome

1. Add a new Section

Admin menu > Reference Objects > Custom Fields > Sections

Custom Field Sections - Google Chrome
  1. Select [+Custom Field Section] to open Editor
  2. Select meaningful Name
  3. [Save] to open editor

1.1. Custom Field Editor opens

Custom Field Section - Google Chrome
  1. (optional) Input a Display Name if you want another name to display on Viewers
  2. (optional) You can [+Custom Fields] to a Section in this Editor or use the Custom Field Editor to assign Sections, see Set Options in Custom Field Editor

1.2. Add Custom Fields in Section Editor

Custom Field Section - Google Chrome
  1. In the popup, Multi-Select Fields using check marks
  2. [+ Add Selected] & return to Editor
  3. Be sure to [Save] after the grid appears

2. Removing/Reassigning Custom Fields From Section Editor

New in 6.3.0: Allow User to remove CF from a Section and then reassign to a new Section  

Custom Field Section - Google Chrome
  1. Select a Custom Field by clicking on the Delete icon [X] to open the Reassign popup.

2.1. Reassign Popup Opens

Custom Field Section - Google Chrome
  1. New Custom Field Section will default to "Default"
  2. Assign to any other Section you have access to via the dropdown
  3. [Reassign]

2.2. Reassignment Completed  

Custom Field Section - Google Chrome