Add a New Glossary Section

Glossary Sections provide the ability to group your Glossary Terms into meaningful divisions. All Terms are required to be associated with a single Section.

To add a Section when creating a Glossary Term, see Create a Glossary Term  

1. Add a New Glossary Section

Access  Content > Glossary > Sections tab

Tag Types - Google Chrome
  1. [+ New Section] to open Add Section popup
  2. Name the Section
  3. (Optional) Icon:  [Select Icon] will open a display of icons to choose from, or you may upload your own icon from that popup. The chosen icon will then display with associated Terms.

[Save] to display full Editor

2. (Optional) Add or Move Terms to Section

Access the Terms tab

Sections - Google Chrome


  1. [ +New Term] to open popup


2.1. Add New Term

  1. Term Name: (required) This must be unique within a Section
  2. (Optional) Definition:  An explanation of how this term is determined or calculated
  3. (Optional) Description: Describes how the Term is known  by Business Users
  4. (Optional) Additional Metadata: Includes information for matching on specific search terms that are not specified in Definition or Description
  5. (Optional) Owners / Steward: Business and Technical Owners will default to current User if left blank; Data Steward is optional


2.2. Move Term

Glossary Sections - Google Chrome
  1. Open Section: Term dropdown
  2. Select an existing term
  3. [Save] displays a confirmation popup
  4. [OK] or [Cancel]

2.3. Results of Move or Add Term

Glossary Sections - Google Chrome