Create a Tag (version 6.3.3 and beyond)

Tags are used to relate elements to each other for purposes of identifying similar Reports/Charts allowing a more in-depth analysis of trends. Tags are also used to filter and/or group elements on the Homepage Main Panel.

Tags are one of the customizable Pick Lists that provide the ability to create a new value "on the fly" while in the process of defining or managing an element. A new Tag may be required if none of the existing values meet the needs of the Element being defined. The same function may be used to edit or delete an existing Tag.

In 6.3.3, the Governed Tags functions have been replaced by a more comprehensive object, Glossary. See Create a Glossary Item.

1. Add a New Tag

Access Content > Tags

Access Content > Topics

The list of Tags previously created in the system opens.

  1. Click [+ New Tag] to open Add Tag pop-up  
  2. Name: Enter a unique, meaningful name

[Save] will create the Tag and open Tag Editor

1.1. (Optional) Associate Tag with Objects

Tag Editor - Google Chrome

Access the Associations tab

  1. [+ (any object type)] will open a drop-down list of the Objects for multi-selection

[Save] your selections

1.2. Alternatively, you can Create or Add Existing Tags in any Supported Editor > Info or Content tab

Alternatively, you can both create or add existing Topics in the element Editor
  1. Enter Tag name fragment
  2. Existing tags will display for selection

If you enter a full Tag name that doesn't exist,  a new Tag will be added when Enter is pressed.

2. Move to Glossary Function

Tags - Google Chrome
  1. Select Tags to be replaced by a Glossary Term
  2. Click [Move to Glossary] to open popup
  3. [Tags to merge] will contain Tags chosen in Step 1. You can also type an existing Tag name into this field manually.
  4. Replace with: Select an existing Glossary Term from the dropdown

[Move & Merge] will delete the tags and replace them in all elements with the Glossary Term "Cost of Goods"

3. Load From File Function

Tags - Google Chrome

Click [Load from File] to open Tags Replacement popup

  1. Download a sample file to your computer
  2. Leave line 1 as Header and fill in your Tag Names and Descriptions
  3. Browse and locate file

[Import] to create new Tags