Setting Up Your Metric Insights Server

1. Verify System Requirements

Metric Insights must be installed on a hardware platform that has a fast file system and has sufficient memory, cores, and storage to run your application.  See system requirements for a Metric Insights server for a detailed list of requirements.

2. Install Metric Insights

Metric Insights can be installed on a physical server, on EC2 using an AMI or as a VMWare image. Follow the instructions below to install the software:

  1. Deploy Metric Insights using VMWare
  2. Deploy Metric Insights using Amazon EC2
  3. Install Metric Insights on Physical Hardware behind your firewall (contact Metric Insights Sales or Support team for assistance)

3. Verify Application Login

Verify Application Login

Once you have completed your application installation:

  1. Point your browser to the CNAME that you have created for your server (for example, The system will automatically re-direct you to the login page.   If you do not have a CNAME setup, you can use the IP address for the server.
  2. Login using the temporary admin password that Metric Insights has provided you.

4. What you will see

You should now see an empty Home Page.  

NOTE: If this page does not load and instead you see a 'Loading....' pop-up that does not go away,  the application does not recognize the name you provided in the browser URL.  Metric Insights assigns its internal application name based on the first URL that it sees.  If you subsequently change your access by modifying your CNAME or switching from an IP address to a CNAME, you must perform the following steps before logging in to reset the internal application name:

  1. Login to you application server as root
  2. Run the command:  rm /var/www/iv/engine/config/hostname.php