Homepage search: how it works

On the Homepage, Users can search and find elements by:

  • Name (visible or hidden elements)
  • Description (visible or hidden elements)
  • Tag (only visible elements)

Search by relevance (no grouping)

If the performed search generates multiple results, they will be displayed according to keyword relevance in the following order:

  1. Exact word match (Display Priority 1)
  2. Exact word match as part of a search phrase (Display Priority 2)
  3. Matching keywords in any order (Display Priority 3)
  1. No Grouping: choose this option to display Tiles by relevance priority only
  2. Enter your search phrase

Search by Relevance (Folder Grouping example)

The Grouping option affects how search results are rendered on the Homepage.

When search results are displayed:

  1. Grouping takes priority
  2. Search results are displayed by their level or relevance within arranged Groups

View details in the image below.

  1. Group by Folders: if activated, display priority is first given to Folders (arranged alphabetically) and then to search relevance
  2. Enter your search phrase