Configure Custom Login Error Page

There is a way to display a custom login error page for SAML users who have access to Metric Insights but do not belong to any MI Group by overriding the default login error page with a Portal Page.


  • The following System Variables configured:
  • Existing custom login error Portal Page
    • NOTE: The Portal Page must not be created from a Template; otherwise, the feature won't work.

1. Set LOGIN_ERROR_PAGE System Variable

Access Admin > System > System Variables

  1. Set Name used in URL of the login error Portal Page as the Variable's Value
  2. Click [Commit Changes]

2. Verify the Result

NOTE: The Page will display to SAML Users who are existing Metric Insights Users but are not members any Groups except for the Default Group.

The Portal Page specified under the LOGIN_ERROR_PAGE System Variable will display for an authorized User.