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Understanding Intelligent Search (6.2.1 and beyond)

Effective in Release 6.2.1, a completely redesigned and expanded Intelligent Search feature allows all users to find content, regardless of object type, based on implementation of Natural Language Understanding (NLU) capabilities.

Key aspects of this feature include Search:

  • Custom Setup Provided (Admins only)
  • New UI designed to categorize results
  • Suggestions based on keystrokes entered
  • Flexibility
  • Results ordered by Relevance and Popularity
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Audit and Transparency

Each of the above is discussed below with sample images provided as appropriate.

SECURITY:  For Regular and Power User, search results are limited to objects to which the User has at least View Access.  Admins see all results.

UI and basic Searching

  1. Note that the search box is centered on the top of each page
  2. Click in the search box to see initial suggestions provided when no searches have been done
  3. Enter search argument to see additional suggestions or select one of the displayed choices

Suggestions based on Keystrokes Entered

At initial implementation, the search returns


NLU is used to detect when the search is asking a question.  There are also search operators that find specific objects or field content:

  1. tag: [name]
  2. category:[name | description]
  3. certified:[name of certifier | yes | no]
  4. expert-analysis:[keyword in expert analysis | name of author]
  5. business-owner:[name]
  6. technical-owner:[name]
  7. data-steward:[name]
  8. data-source:[name]
  9. dataset:[name]
  10. data-collection-trigger: [name]
  11. filter:[name]
  12. type:[metric | report | external-report | external-content]
  13. +[keyword]
  14. -[keyword]