Alerting for Regular User (prior to Release 5.1)

There are 3 main types of alerts, but only Admin and Power Users are allowed to create the last two:

  1. KPI Alerts are created to show changes occurring in Metrics
  2. Report Alerts are created to show changes in Reports
  3. Global Alerts are applied across a broad range of Metrics

Regular Users can create KPI alerts on any elements they can view, or from their own Notifications: Alerts screen: Setting up your Alerts using Alert Editor

Alerting was enhanced in Release 5.1 - see the updated articles in Chapter Alerting in Version 5.1 and beyond

1. My Preferences > My Alerts

Click [+ New subscription] to begin.

1.1. Only valid choice is 'Existing Metric' for regular Users

  1. Select Existing Metric option and select the required Metric from the drop-down list
  2. Select Next step to access KPI Alert Rule wizard. For more information, see: Basics for the Alert Wizards - KPI Rules

2. From Metric Viewer

2.1. Subscribe to any existing Alerts or create a New rule

Select one of the exisiting rules or click [+ New rule] to access KPI Alert Rule wizard. See more at Basics for the Alert Wizards - KPI Rules

3. From Alert icon on any Report

Note: The Report Alert concept has been improved by Dataset Reporting in Version 5.4

The Alert icon will be removed  from Report Viewer in Metric Insights 6.

4. Basics of KPI Alerts

Basics of KPI Alerts
  1. Select the type of comparison you wish to create. To make a right decision you can consult with the hint description to the right
  2. Determine if you want to share your alert or keep it private
  3. Wizard will guide you through the steps required to complete the Alert

For more details, see: Basics for the Alert Wizards - KPI Rules