Mobile Releases for 2022-2024

Release 4.1 (released on March 28, 2024)

  1. Optimized support for iPad users. Now, you can enjoy a seamless and enhanced experience tailored specifically for iPad

  2. Migrated significant parts of the app to Compose on Android

  3. Aligned date formats according to device localization

  4. Added MAPI (Mobile API) support for v7

  5. Improved deep links behavior

  6. Provided a pop-up when the comment or element is shared with users

  7. Added support for Spanish and German on iOS

  8. Bug fixes and small improvements

Release 4.0 (released on December 8, 2023)

  1. Added ability to customize system color
  2. Redesigned icons, colors, and other UI parts across the whole app
  3. Added recent keywords while searching
  4. Provided split views for element searching within the folder and across the app
  5. Redesigned Tags list
  6. Redesigned Burst viewer
  7. Redesigned Settings tab
  8. Added French support
  9. Provided deep link to MicroStrategy app for deeper analysis
  10. Mobile is compatible with 6.4.0+ server versions
  11. Provided support Portal Page links in the Announcements
  12. Provided search logging
  13. Bug fixes and small improvements

Release 3.6 (released September 11, 2023)

  1. Aggregated announcements in one pop-up 
  2. Provided deep links to Qlik Sense and Office 365 apps for deeper analysis
  3. Redesigned Login & Start Page and some UI components
  4. Provided search functionality in Folder and Tag lists
  5. Provided logging element engagement 
  6. Code refactoring
  7. Fixed bugs and improvements

Release 3.5 (released June 14, 2023)

  1. Implemented new Folder Hierarchy Control
  2. Fixed session expiration issue
  3. Improved workflow of adding Elements to Favorite Folders
  4. Improved External Content display on Portal Pages
  5. Improved OAuth authentication for Tableau and Power BI External Reports
  6. Provided ability to send logs via long-press on the Metric Insights app icon
  7. Added sub-comments in Executive Brief mode
  8. Updated Alerts, Annotation, and Event views on Metric charts
  9. Mobile app now has a minimum required server version of 6.3.1+
  10. Added the ability to display values on Metric charts
  11. Added legend management on Metric charts on iOS
  12. Implemented a new design for comment section
  13. Refactored code
  14. Fixed bugs and made other small improvements
  15. Implemented the ability to refresh token on Android

Release 3.4.1 (released March 6, 2023)

  1. Added several options to display Other External Content 
  2. Provided ability to Edit and Delete sub-comments on iOS
  3. Added support Alert, Event, and Annotation on Metric charts on iOS
  4. Implemented Refresh token that allows proceeding a session after closing the app on Android
  5. Added “Show all” option to display all elements via Start In for Analyst Insights
  6. Provided ability to set Portal Page as Progressive Web App
  7. Improved Tags list that relates to the selected category
  8. Improved Biometric Authentication secureness on Android
  9. Fixed bugs and made minor improvements

Release 3.4 (released December 29, 2022)

New for iOS and Android:

  1. Sharepoint and Other External Content are now fully supported
  2. Added option to set a Portal Page as the Homepage for the app
  3. Push Notifications can now be received when the app is closed
  4. Provided option to add an External Report to a Favorite Folder
  5. Added option to share External Reports
  6. Fixed bugs and made small improvements

Release 3.3.2 (released November 1, 2022)

New for iOS and Android:
1. Biometric Authentication improvements
2. Fixed bugs and made small improvements

Release 3.3.1 (released September 19, 2022)

New for iOS and Android:

  1. Expanded iframe space in External report viewer
  2. Provided deep link to Power BI app for deeper analysis
  3. Added option to hide Homepage mode on Settings tab
  4. Fixed an issue where Burst notifications were not delivered in some scenarios
  5. Fixed bugs and made small improvements

Release 3.3 (released August 8, 2022)

New for iOS and Android

  1. Refactored authentication flow
  2. Added Portal Pages via new tab
  3. Increased font size on Homepage and Notifications tabs
  4. Several bug fixes

Release 3.2.1 (released June 20, 2022)

New for iOS and Android:

  1. Implemented share comments function for Element-level collaboration
  2. Added Minimum/Maximum ever line on Metric charts
  3. Implemented custom y-axis labels for Metric charts
  4. Added functionality to compare values on Metric charts

Release 3.2 (released April 21, 2022)

New for iOS and Android:

  1. Implemented landscape view for Metrics
  2. Added additional charting features for more robust charts
  3. Updated functionality to be consistent with the web application